This prestigious event brought together 5 international environmental agencies that represent a global alliance of institutions dedicated to the protection and preservation of the planet.

A 750 delegate-strong conference involving invitees representing the finest scientific minds to grass-root initiative representation met on a singular platform to converge, convene and collaborate on an unprecedented plateau of communication known as the Eye on Earth Summit.

This event for sharing information was funded by Abu Dhabi’s environmental agency (EAD) with the purpose of contributing towards data sharing on a single platform to enable decision and policy makers at every level to have access to relevant data from best case studies and research front-runners globally.

NOMAD’s role as an event turnkey solution provider began with the establishing of a secretariat 18 months before the event , developing communication and marketing and producing the full event with three days of presentations, 175 key delegate speakers flown in from all over the world, delegate itineraries from flights to accommodation, to enable the keenest minds in a broad and varied spectrum of fields to bring the summit to fruition.

NOMAD’s delivery was pivotal to an efficiently, professionally managed event that exceeded the expectations of the government of Abu Dhabi on behalf of his Highness and the mandate set aside by the environment agency of Abu Dhabi. The summit was a resounding success well within the budgetary limitations set by our client.